Why choose Rillington Pre-School Playgroup ?

  • We are situated in the heart of the community & we strive to give value for money and keep costs down.
  • We are a voluntary Committee organised group run by Parents/Carers for Parents/Carers.
  • Highly qualified Staff with Early Years Professional status (equivalent to Early years Teacher). Most staff have NVQ level 3.
  • Children can access continuous play provision both indoors and outdoors.
  • We have excellent staff to children ratios which is a real benefit to children in their early years.
  • We work to the same set of standards as all other Pre-School’s, Private Nurseries and School Nursery settings. implementing the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and are inspected by Ofsted.

How do we know children are making good progress in our setting ?

We observe children in the setting to see they are making progress and this process has become part of our daily routine.

By observing we can see how your child learns within the setting and then plan to meet the needs of your child making sure all children are “enjoying & achieving” at pre-school.

We take time to observe the children at play everyday. We also take photographs as evidence of successes.

At the end of each term we check your child’s progress against the Early Years Foundation Stage Development Matters document and this feeds into our planning for your child’s next steps.

We hold two parents evenings in the year to discuss your child’s progress and staff are always available before and after a session to discuss progress.

If your child has additional needs please ask to see our Special educational needs Offer statement when you visit and speak to our special educational needs coordinator.