Children can join pre-school from 2 years old and we have funded places for 2,3 and 4 year olds.

Children in nappies are welcome. Full changing facilities are provided.

Parents/carers are welcome to stay for as long as necessary to ensure their child is settled.

FREE Funded Places
The free entitlement enables every three and four year old child to access two years of free part time early years provision before they reach compulsory school age.

Children become eligible for Early Years Provision Funding the term following their third birthday;

i.e. an Autumn born child – 1 Sep to 31 Dec becomes eligible for funding in the Spring term. They are funded for a maximum of 15hrs a week 38 weeks a year.

30 hours extended entitlement is also available for some working parents who meet the criteria.

Less advantaged two year olds who meet specific criteria are entitled to a place a year earlier, please call for further details.

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